Technical Requirements

Company Name and Information

Marcus Neiman & The Sounds of Sousa Band, Marcus Neiman, artistic director, 4756 Gateway Drive, Medina, OH 44256.

Primary phone:  330.725.8198 - Fax:  330.723.8966 - Email:

Mary Ann Grof-Neiman (same address, phone, and FAX)

Identification information:  Marcus Neiman & The Sounds of Sousa Band is incorporated by the State of Ohio and tax exempt under federal tax rulings (employer identification number: 34-1835434).

Union status:  Marcus Neiman, performing with non-union ensembles, does not require union stage hands.  Marcus Neiman & The Sounds of Sousa Band are a non-union ensemble.

Materials available on this website:  Resume, newspaper articles, audio cassette (or CD) of clips of performance literature, references, videotape clips, educational materials, photographs.

Technical Requirements
1.Size of performance area20' width x 20' length (minimum)
2.Grid height12'
3.Stage floorHard surface (preferably wood) - the stage must be cleaned and completely cleared prior to the arrival of the ensemble to avoid conflicts with the set-up crew.
4.MaskingFull curtain or existing
5.LightingLightening Engineer: the light operator should meet with the ensemble performance coordinator approximately two (2) hours prior to the concert to discuss and finalize lighting requirements.

Stage lights: white overhead lightening should be bright enough to read newspaper sized print without difficulty.  Lighting intensity should be equal on all parts of the stage.  If light is insufficient, colored gels or bulbs should be replaced with standard clear or white prior to the ensemble's arrival.  Footlights are not needed.

House lights: should be dimmed during the performance. Cues will be discussed during set-up.

Operators must be provided for all parts of the lighting system.
6.EquipmentChairs: The ensemble requires comfortable chairs, without arms.  The number of chairs needed will be outlined in the contract.

Symphony (sound) shell: used if available.
7.Sound EquipmentThe ensemble does not provide it's own system. The presenter is required amplification (and operators) suitable for the size of the venue.  Two microphones (at least) will be necessary (one for our narrator, one for vocal and instrumental soloists.  Additional amplification should be discussed with our equipment manager prior to our arrival.
8.ElectricalOne three-prong outlet
9.TemperatureFor indoor or outdoor concerts, minimum temperature will be 70F and maximum of 80F.  The ensemble will have the right to refuse to play if temperature is outside those limits.
10.Dressing/StorageSecure area(s) for storage of instrument cases and clothing should be available close to the performance area.  Dressing areas for men and women with mirrors, hangers and racks to hang clothing, and bottled water should be available.
11.Set-up TimeFor performance only, one hour and 30 minutes will be necessary.  For a performance with an on-site rehearsal, two hours will be necessary, with at least two hours between the end of the rehearsal and the beginning of the performance will be required.
12.Performance Time90 minutes (with one 15-minute intermission)

Updated: September 22nd, 2009