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To Present Marcus Neiman Sounds of Sousa Band

(YOUR CITY):  It was Sousa who coined the still widely used phrase, "canned music" during his campaign against the phonograph industry's abuses of composers' rights.

Residents of (name of your community) will have the unique opportunity to experience an authentic "Sousa style" concert by Marcus Neiman and his Sounds of Sousa Band presented by (your organization) on (date), at (site, address, and city). 

Because he felt he needed live audiences to be at his best, Sousa resisted broadcasting his performances over early radio programs.  Finally, after repeated requests, he reconsidered and broadcast a series of concerts in 1929 and 1931.

The first sousaphone (a brass instrument with a sound similar to a tuba) was built to his specifications.

Sousa was a passionate supporter of The United States and listed his occupation as "Salesman of Americanism."  To that end, he brought his unique style of American music to millions of ardent fans around the world and it is indeed fitting that he remains best know for his most stirring and patriotic composition, The Stars and Stripes Forever.

For additional information about this program, contact (fill in name of contact person, telephone, and best time to call).