How to Use Our Materials

Using Media Materials & Considerations

As a professional touring musical ensemble, we know that it is very important to you that our visit be a success.  We know that we are your partner in this endeavor.  We, too, are interested in performing for a full and enthusiastic audience.

In order to assist you in your preparations for Marcus Neiman & The Sounds of Sousa Band's performance, I have enclosed with this letter a comprehensive Press Packet.  In your packet you will find the following: 

  • Press Release

  • Media Release

  • Master Program

  • Ad Slicks

  • Black & White Photographs

  • Technical Requirements

Attached you will find a sheet “How to use your press packet.”  Please take the time to read all the material and follow the suggested instructions.

Perhaps you have already established your own successful plan to market a public performance in your area.  However, if you are new to this and feel you need help, please don't hesitate to call us at the number listed below for advice of any kind.  We want to make your performance a successful event just as much as you do.

How To Use Your Sounds of Sousa Press Packet 

Media Release (Print) - Fill in the blanks of the sample media release.  Mail it at least two weeks before the performance date to large and small newspapers.  Local magazines and Sunday supplements often have deadlines of up to six months before the performance date.  Mail the release to them as soon as possible.  Call editors of major papers a few days after the release is sent to ask if they have received it and to answer any questions they might have. Maybe suggest an interview with members of your own staff or Sounds of Sousa Band when we are in town.  Black and white photographs are enclosed in this packet.  Send these to your major newspapers.  Call Sounds of Sousa Band to order more photographs if needed.

Media Release (Electronic) - This should also be sent out at least two weeks prior to the performance date to television and radio stations in your area.    Again, you will want to give them a call a few days after sending to inquire if they have received the materials, to urge them to air information on the program, and to ask if they need further information.  You may want to suggest interviews with your staff or with our ensemble when we arrive in town.

Program and Ad Slicks - One master program is provided with this packet.  Use this and/or the ad slicks as artwork for your own program.  You may use the artwork as is, or expand it to include information pertinent to your own organization.  Advertising may also be added.  By selling advertisement space to local businesses, you may be able to offset the cost of the printing.  Ambitious marketing of program advertisement may even help offset the cost of the Sounds of Sousa Band performance! 

Photographs and Press

  • No still or motion pictures can be taken during the performance

  • Use of recording devices and/or videotaping is not permissible without first clearing it with the Sounds of Sousa Band.