Description of residency activities

Young People's Concerts - Present Marcus Neiman & The Sounds of Sousa Band for your beginning band students (school district or county wide), or, as some presenters do, for a grade level or building assembly.Assembly programs normally run a call period (45 to 60 minutes) and can be developed to introduce the instruments of the concert band, correlate with the curriculum (the science of sound, biology of music, architecture of music, or the history of John Philip Sousa.In all cases, study guide material are made available in advance to the presenter.

Workshops - full ensemble workshops are available and consist of working with the presenter's ensemble on stylistic interpretation of music performed during the 1890-1930s concert band era.Many presenters also desire an in-depth workshop on performing the marches of John Philip Sousa as he did.

Masterclasses - activities are available on every instrument.These sessions cover topics of tone production, technique, technical aspects of playing, interpretation, and demonstration such as each instrument.We encourage you to make additional suggestions on how we might better address your individual needs.

Director clinics and workshops - inservice activities available on historic performance styles for Sousa marches, programming in the style of the Sousa Band, and music selection.Additional workshops are available in grant-writing and corporate fundraising techniques.

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Sousa's Band, Johannesburg, S. Africa, 1910-1911